Manual phase shifters


Phase shifters are used to transform the "delay" of a signal, adjust the phase of a measurement system in the RF transmission system; they are frequently used in phased array antenna radars.



• DC-18 GHz, up to 100W 

• 10°/GHz to 900°/GHz phase adjustment 

• Choice of readout type 

• Low loss, high reliability 

• Custom models available

Article numberAverage power (W)Frequency (GHz)Insertion loss (dB)Phase adjustmentType of connectors
TWBPS-S50   DC-181.50360° with 20°/GHzSMA
TWBPS- SMA50DC-180.75180° with 10°/GHzSMA
6 Bit Digital
TWKE-45-8-S50DC-81.25360° with 45°/GHzSMA(K,K)
TWKE-60-8-X-X100DC-81.25480° with 60°/GHzN, SMA
TWKE-90-8-X-X100DC-81.50720° with 90°/GHzN, SMA
TWKE-180-4-X-X100DC-42.0720° with 180°/GHzN, SMA
TWKE-360-2-X-X100DC-22.0360° with 180°/GHzN, SMA
TWKE-900-1-X-D100DC-12.0900° with 900°/GHzN, SMA
TWKE-970A50DC-23.0720° with 360°/GHzSMA

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